Creative Writing 2020_4

Charnwood Grove organised and ran a number of creative writing sessions via zoom during the Covid lockdown period, each session chose a specific subject and using some key inspirational words, the participants crafted these magnificent creations.

Session 4- Healing


The feather trembled as she held it lightly over the meridians of the woman’s body. Suddenly it dipped, sharply, almost touching the woman’s heart.

The healer looked; not with her eyes but with her mind, opening her third eye to journey deeply into the woman’s body.

Images bombarded her: barbed wire twisted around the woman’s heart, blackened, bloody, weeping wounds at every touch point.

Here was pain. Here was trauma. Worst of all it was self-inflicted.

What mental anguish could have led to this? What fragmentation of the soul? What burden of blame did this woman perceive to be hers, and for what crime?


Brilliance of light, flowing not just down

But through, within, directionless

Directed by our hope, our harmony, our delight

In pure sensation. No me, you, them

The birds speaking to us, also the grass

And the trees. Can you heal me, rock?

Can you bathe me to betterness, river stream?

How does this work anyway? Well,

Close your eyes, breathe a while, listen

Let it in. It’s just not-me, not-you, not-us

All bundled in together. Time is make-believe

Space also. Something about matter? A tissue

Of story, of thinking, of our shared belief

Oh the story of healing, the story of plenty

The story of hope, redemption and completion

The shadow and the light, the flowers and the smoke

The great dark cave and the winding path, so full

Of people all seeking some kind of salvation

I will stop trying, and do being. Still. Light, love

And the great gift of here we are, together again, at last….


The tension builds like static

Constant noise and confusion

Attention demanding devices switched to silence

Tight shoes come off

The cool damp grass acts as a conduit

I wonder into the envelope of trees

Feeling the air sparkling with their energies

A warm shaft of sunlight radiates

Directing to a place of tranquility

Lying down I feel my pains releasing

The sound of the running stream is symbiotic with the breeze, carrying birdsong to my ears

I reach out a feel the connection of nature without actually touching

It is part of me, I am part of it and we are both fragile

Energies intermingle with mine, soothing my soul

Celebrating the wonder of the Universe in ritual

The bright beauty of the central fire 

Emits a comforting, tingling blanket of belonging.


My spirit comes alive today

My spirit hums through dappled sun

Where grasses and white flowers sway.

My spirit walks along the way

Beyond the trees

Beyond the woods

Beyond the gently buzzing bees

That float like motes in silvered shafts

Upon this glorious, living day.

Many thanks go to the membership of Charnwood Grove for allowing this content to be published.

All work remains the property of the original author. Charnwood Grove claims no rights.

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