Creative Writing 2020_9

Charnwood Grove organised and ran a number of creative writing sessions via zoom during the Covid lockdown period, each session chose a specific subject and using some key inspirational words, the participants crafted these magnificent creations.

Session 9- Chaos

Equinox – Chaos/Balance

Descent into chaos, we’re already there

With Covid and Brexit, I really despair

Of ever returning to Equinox balance.

I’ll bury myself under duvet, and valance!

I’ll bury myself in those feathers so deep

And I’ll pray to great Morpheus, “Send me to sleep.”

There in that soft cave I’ll just hibernate.

I’ll stay there for ages in that dormant state.

And when I awaken, the chaos all gone,

I’ll hope that the Covid and Brexit’s moved on.

If not, then I’ll stay in that world in between

And try to keep sane ‘til they find a vaccine.

Will this chaos result in a world disunited,

The union of Britain be completely blighted?

Or will there be balance and true harmony,

A world for the future, with stability?


These summer days are nearly done,

this summer equalling none.

July’s fireweed flourished

vibrant purple

burning on the greens and browns,

and sulphur-yellows, pink and white,

of ragwort, yarrow, green leaved dock.

August branches arched their way;

while blackberries blooming

came and went,

then withered, tinder dry.

And now, September-poised

we pause.

We do not know which way to go

Or how long this might last.

Many thanks go to the membership of Charnwood Grove for allowing this content to be published.

All work remains the property of the original author. Charnwood Grove claims no rights.

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