Sponsor a Druid

We the membership of Charnwood Grove are keen to sponsor any member of our  community (membership of Charnwood Grove), in growing their own individual skill base, knowledge and learning in the ways of druidry.
We will commit to a limited financial sponsorship, to the individual, to support and enable, that person “to go and do”, what may not have been financially possible.

The idea is to encourage growth and so to create a more blessed community.

As the individual learns so do we all.


Charnwood Grove requests proposals to use grove funds to help community projects.
We have 4 areas open for funding.

1. Loans for start-ups to purchase equipment, to be paid back either in cash or in services rendered to the Charnwood Grove community.

2. Funds to learn a relevant skill, to be paid back with training sessions to pass on skills to the Charnwood Grove community.

3. Funds for community services per hour. Community services to be relevant to druidism and the general Charnwood Grove community.

4. Funds to assist in attending rites/celebration or to otherwise improve access to other Charnwood Grove events.

Funding will be decided on a case by case basis by a group of 3 wise people:-
Gordon, Mouse and Pene to ensure a fair and unbiased decision is made.

Come on people, lets have your ideas……

Enter your contact details and sponsorship suggestion, and we will endeavour to respond.